Additional Excerpts for Study: Berg and Britten 

Due to copyright restrictions, a few frequently requested excerpts unfortunately cannot be published on Beyond the Short Call for audition preparation and study. Serious students wishing to take opera auditions should be aware of these excerpts, however, since they have been recently requested by some of the top opera orchestras in North America. For educational reference, I am including a list of these elusive excerpts below, should a student wish to study the full score, an audio recording, or another legal resource to prepare these challenging works in lieu of accessing an acutal audition list.*


Alban Berg: Wozzeck

Exerpts from Berg's first opera appear on audition lists for various horn seats. Recent requests for Wozzeck have come from The Lyric Opera of Chicago, The Dallas Opera, The Canadian Opera Company, and the Metropolitan Opera. Suggested excerpts for study:


Act I, pick-up to m. 275 - m. 278 (Tutti Horns in F)

Act II, mm. 713-736 (Tutti Horns in F)


These Wozzeck excerpts can be obtained legally by purchasing The Hornist's Opera & Ballet Handbook


 Benjamin Britten: Billy Budd 

These challenging excerpts are a favorite for Principal Horn auditions. Recently they have been requested by the Washington National Opera, The Canadian Opera Company, The Pittsburgh Opera, and the San Francisco Opera. Suggested excerpts for study:


Act I, Rehearsal 59-63 (Horn 1 in F)

Act II, Rehearsal 87-88 (Horn 1 in F)


 *Please note that these excerpts are printed on audition lists with explicit permission from publishers, and auditionees are expected to shred the music after the audition.